My name is Patrick Sheehan and I’m a Data Scientist focused on solving sustainability problems. I work at Myst AI where I use machine learning to forecast the supply and demand of electricity. This improves the efficiency of our electricity grid and allows for better integration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Previously, I:

  • Co-founded Nanogrid to reduce the cost of solar, energy storage, and EVs
  • Helped reduce costs for clean energy companies as a software engineer at Genability
  • Earned my Master’s in Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University
  • Improved automated image processing at Apple
  • Earned my BS in Computer Science from UC Davis
  • Served as the Student Assistant to the Chancellor to Linda Katehi
  • Assessed the quality of state-level data given to the US Department of Education
  • Helped set a $12MM budget as an elected Senator to ASUCD

I loosely subscribe to the idea of effective altruism and have used the material provided by 80,000 Hours as an experimental framework for my career. More fundamentally, I’m interested in understanding what is good, why we should do good things, and how we can maximize the amount of good we do.

Outside of work, I enjoy backpacking, photography, and anything else that gets me out in nature. Here’s a shot I took of the NEOWISE comet near Mount Tamalpais:

NEOWISE, Mount Tamalpais State Park (2020)